• Wahl Classic Swing Lock Straight Razor 56752

Wahl Classic Swing Lock Straight Razor 56752


Classic Swing Lock Straight Razor #56752

Lightweight Disposable Blade Straight Razor

Stainless Steel, a lightweight straight razor for the ultimate close shave!

  • Extremely lightweight straight razor with a smooth plastic handle.
  • Folding butterfly-style straight razor with a second shoulder under the tang for extra stability and control.
  • Stainless steel swing lock blade holder for quick and easy disposable blade insertion and removal.
  • Locking clip feature on blade spine fastens blade in place for extra security.
  • Ideal for shaving and precision edging.
  • One-time use double-edge, feather-light, disposable blades can be snapped in half for individual use; recommended for optimum hygiene between clients.
  • The ultimate close shave for long-lasting smooth results.
  • Weighted and balanced for professional daily usage.
  • Includes 10 pack disposable blades.