• Roya Brush Chiqu Rose Gold Lash/Brow
  • Roya Brush Chiqu Rose Gold Lash/Brow

Roya Brush Chiqu Rose Gold Lash/Brow


Perfect for combing or brushing your eyebrows to perfectly frame your face.

Chique offers the latest trends in affordable styles for the everyday consumer. Featuring chic, waterproof handles, plush synthetic filaments, and our classic, must-have head shapes, Chique™ has become a favorite value brand for makeup enthusiasts everywhere. Chique™ has recently expanded to mass market retail, with special features in Five Below and Big Lots.
All brushes in our Chique Studio, Chique Rosegold, and Chique Pro collections are vegan and cruelty-free. These fully synthetic brushes are soft and durable, making them perfect for everyday use. The synthetic filaments provide great pickup and release for both wet and dry product, so all makeup goes on smoothly and evenly.
Each collection of Chique brushes has been curated to provide the tools needed for a complete makeup experience. To make makeup even more accessible to beginners and experts alike, the handle of every brush has been clearly labeled with its intended use (but we always encourage experimentation!)