RefectoCil Eyelash Curl Refill Rollers


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Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. 1 pouch á 36 rollers.

Rollers are made from Polypropylene carbonate and the inner part is cotton.


The shorter the eyelashes and the more curl the customer desires, the smaller the roller you select.

Small Eyelash Rollers (S):
For short eyelashes.

Medium Eyelash Rollers (M):
For medium-long eyelashes.

Large Eyelash Rollers (L):
For long eyelashes.

Very Large Eyelash Rollers (XL):
For very long eyelashes.

Tips for selecting the right size:

  • You have selected the correct roller size when the eyelashes cover half of the roller circumference.
  • If the chosen roller is too small and the eyelashes too long the result will be a u-shaped curvature.
  • If the chosen roller is too large and the eyelashes too short the result is no curl or a weak curvature.