• NSI Super Bond Primer 10ml

NSI Super Bond Primer 10ml


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NSI Superbond Primer is the original nail primer formula used in the nail industry. Superbond is a 100% methacylic acid nail primer. Methacylic acid nail primer slightly etches the nail plate to help with adhesion.

  • Made of 100% methacylic acid to promote adhesion
  • Safely packaged
  • Original nail primer formula used in the nail industry.
  • A little goes a long way… use sparingly!

When it comes to acid-based primers, less is best.

Products Superbond Primer Works With:

  • Attraction Acrylic System
  • Balance Gel System


  1. Properly prep natural nails ensuring that the nail is cleansed and dehydrated. Apply tip or form.
  2. Remove the brush from the Superbond bottle and wipe it across the top of the bottle lip, removing excess liquid.
  3. Dot the brush on a towel and sparingly apply Superbond to the natural nail, doing all five nails at once before putting the brush back in the bottle. Allow the primer to become chalky white. This means that it is dry and ready for the enhancement product.

Applying the product over a wet primer will cause yellowing. Be cognizant of not touching any surrounding soft tissue with the primer, it will burn the skin and could cause an allergic reaction.


Q: Will this primer burn my clients’ skin?
A: Superbond Primer is 100% methacrylic acid and extreme care should be used to avoid skin contact.

Q: Why do I need a primer?
A: Natural nail primers are frequently used to promote enhancement adhesion.  NSI manufactures two types of primers.  Acid-based are the original primers and generally contain 30 – 100% methacrylic acid.  They need to be used sparingly.  Methacrylic acid has a strong odor and can be highly corrosive.  It should never be allowed to touch the skin. Superbond is acid-based.  Acid-free primers are the newest kid on the block and do not contain any acid components.  They need to be used liberally. These types of primers are very low in odor and are not corrosive. Balance Bond and Attract are both acid-free.  Neither type of primer etches, pits, or “eats” natural nail plate.  To prove this, place a natural nail clipping in the bottle of each type of primer.  The nail clipping will still be there many months from now.

Q: Why does Superbond freeze?
A: All acid-based primers have a very high freezing point; therefore it does not take the extremely cold temperature to make it freeze.  By simply allowing Superbond to return to room temperature, it will be ready for application without losing any of its effectiveness.

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