NSI Secrets Design Gel 7ml


  • The Design Gels are Artiste Gels that are perfect for drawing and creating detailed designs, they cure to a high gloss tack-free finish in a LED lamp for 60 seconds, and can be used over any enhancement service, even if it has a topcoat already!

    • Create slightly embossed detailed nail art
    • Use over finished nail enhancements
    • Mix Secrets Design Gel Little White Lies and any coloured Secrets Design gel to make a pastel shade.
    • Mix any colour Secrets Design Gel with a Clear Secrets Removable gel to create a stained glass gel colour
    • For detailing and drawing with the Secrets Design Gels, use with the HD Detailing Brush.
    • Create a two-tone effect with two Secrets Design Gels using our angled HD one stroke brush.
    LED or UV Curable