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Enhancement Top Coat SIZE: 15 ML (.5 FL. OZ.) SERVICES PER CONTAINER: 30

Safety Data Sheets 


NEW! Glaze n Go LED is a Tack-Free LED and UV curable top coat to finish and protect your clients nail enhancements. 

  • Brushes on smooth, like polish, for a radiant, tack-free finish
  • 60 seconds in a LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp.
  • Reduces filing and buffing time
  • Suitable for use over any gel, acrylic, or wrap service


After enhancement product application, file and shape with an Endurance 180/180 Grit File. No buffing required. Do not buff. Wipe with Cleanse, then apply to Glaze ’n Go LED. Cure in a full hand LED lamp for 60 seconds. No tacky layer. Long-lasting high-gloss shine.


Q: Approximately how much should I charge for a Glaze ‘n Go LED service?
A: It will vary from region to region. Check other salons in the area to see if they are charging for a protective gel sealer. A good rule of thumb is $3.00 – $5.00 per service. Be sure to point out the benefits to the client. It will create super shiny and smooth nails that stay that way, no matter how active they are.

Q: Can I use Glaze ‘n Go LED over a natural nail manicure?
A: Glaze ‘n Go LED is designed to cure over acrylic, gel, or wrap enhancements. It does not seal or dry nail enamel.

Q: Does Glaze ‘n Go LED have a tacky dispersion layer to remove?
A: No. Glaze ‘n Go is completely tack-free and cures to a smooth, high-gloss shine.