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  • NSI Endurance Files 180/240 Single 3594

NSI Endurance Files 180/240 Single 3594


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The NSI Endurance nail files are a Revolutionary file that lasts 4 times longer than the average abrasive and is extremely effective for rapid product reduction, therefore easing nail tech effort and fatigue. The 180/240 Grit Buffer is essential for nail prep and gently shaping the nail.
  • Use the straight edge of the file to shape and define sidewalls and the extension edge of an enhancement, while the half moon edge makes refining the cuticle area easy and more comfortable for the client; no scraping
  • Can be completely disinfected in 10 minutes with total submersion in or sprayed with an EPA hospital-grade disinfectant, meeting the highest standards of salon sanitation
  • Varying levels of grit make Endurance Files excellent for all nail services; natural nails, gels, wraps, acrylics, and pedicures


Q: Is the Endurance 180/240 file suitable for use on the natural nail?
A: Yes. Any 180 grit file or higher is best on the natural nail to avoid overly filing and thinning of the natural nail.