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INM O.T.D. Liquid Monomer S239032


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  • UV STABILIZERS – Provide a non-yellowing, color stable finish that will not marbleize or bubble.
  • CROSS LINKERS – Cross-linking technology that ensures strength and flexibility, giving you the ability to create strong flexible nails.
  • PLASTICIZERS – Plasticizers act as “shock absorbers” which makes the nails more resilient and flexible.

THIS PRODUCT: Specifically formulated to have better nail adhesion properties. The “OUT THE DOOR” sculpting system has been designed to last longer and have a superior bond to the nail plate. You are able to consistently produce thin, strong, natural looking nails worthy of competition.

HOW TO USE: Apply this product by using two parts liquid and one part powder. Superior product performance makes the nail application quicker and more effortless than ever. Application may vary depending on climate conditions. Cold weather may cause it to set up slower. Hot weather may cause it to set up faster.

THE BENEFITS ARE: Simple application which will save you time and money.
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Control
  • Natural Looking
  • 2 oz. bottle
  • 4 oz bottle
  • 8 oz bottle
  • 16 oz bottle
  • 32 oz bottle