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K-Star Safety Carbide Bit Silver

  • Perfectly balanced for ultra-smooth cutting action.
  • The geometry of the bit allows it to cut smoothly in either clockwise or counterclockwise directions, making them perfect for both right or left handed techs.
  • The K-Star Safety Carbide Bit Silver is the perfect bit for cuticle work and surface shaping.
  • This is the tapered barrel with a rounded tip for safety at the cuticle area.
  • The small circumference allows you to get right into the groove walls and cuticle, allowing you to gently touch the natural cuticle and bevel the product perfectly smooth down to the natural nails.
  • This bit preps the artificial product at the cuticle area for fills perfectly.
  • It can also be used for surface work on smaller nails as well. 
Made for e-file machines with a 3/32" collet closing mechanism. Tapered shape with a rounded top it comes in medium grit in either Silver or Gold.