• Gehwol Nail Compound 15ml

Gehwol Nail Compound 15ml


Gehwol Nail Compound can be used to smoothen uneven nail surfaces, strengthen broken nails, fixating artificial nails and for the treatment of onychomycosis.

Gehwol Nail Compound is strongly adhesive, durable resilient and gives the nails a healthy and natural appearance.

About Nagelmasse:

  1. Is this product cured with a UV or LED light? no 
  2. How long can a customer keep on the nails? 4 – 6 weeks
  3. How is this product removed? With a light buffing
  4. Can this product be used over nails that have eczema or psoriasis? Only if the nail is splitting or partially split
  5. Any counter indication? None

    Dermatologically tested.

    Also suitable for diabetics