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Epillyss Pre-Depilation Lotion 17.5oz ELPR1161


Pre-Depilation Lotion

Disinfects skin without drying it. Ideal before or after waxing or for electrolysis. ÉPILLYSS pre‑depilatory lotion is the ideal product for disinfecting skin before and after hair removal treatments, such as waxing or electrolysis. It contains benzalkonium chloride, which is a powerful antiseptic that is extremely effective against germs, bacteria and yeast. This lotion does not contain any alcohol or alcohol derivatives which could irritate or dry skin. Furthermore, it does not cause skin follicles to constrict resulting in less discomfort during waxing session and making the insertion of electrolysis needle an easier task.  We recommend that you offer clients the option of applying the lotion to intimate parts themselves prior to the treatment. ÉPILLYSS pre‑depilatory lotion can also be used to disinfect feet and is highly effective in eliminating undesirable odors. As you can see, ÉPILLYSS pre‑depilatory lotion is an essential part of the hair removal process.


Considerable reduction of the possibilities of cross contamination and infections
Less painful depilation and electrosis sessions
Quite refreshing during complete bikini depilation
Multi-use lotion
Highly appreciative resale product


Powerful antiseptic product
Does not dehydrate the skin
Easy to use
Highly performing
Efficient for pedicure and manicure cares as well as waxing
Recommended for regular use
Leaves no residues on the skin
Appearance: Texture: Liquid Lotion, Colour: Transparent

Ingredients: Benzalconium Chloride, AQUA

Instructions for use:

Apply with little cotton ball or gauze, lightly touching the skin
Can be sprayed

Use Frequency:

Usable before, during and after depilation, as need be
Proven very efficient in various treatments needing intermediate asepsis
Perfect to refresh the bikini area during complete depilation; it will not burn a freshly depilated zone

Pre-depilation Lotion (Germicidal)


  • 115 ml (4 oz), 500 ml
  • 17.5 oz), 3 L (105 oz)