• En Vogue One Component Clear 15ml 60401
  • En Vogue One Component Clear 15ml 60401

En Vogue One Component Clear 15ml 60401

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One Component is a self-leveling, medium viscosity gel designed to do it all! It is a 3 in 1 gel that combines adhesion, strength, and shine in one product, for fast and easy fills or overlays.

 Features & Benefits:

  • Acrylic-like strength with greater flexibility
  • Allows for growth and flexing of natural nail underneath
  • Reduces lifting caused by non-flexible products
  • Can be applied to all 5 nails at once without worrying about product running into cuticles or side walls

How To Use:

One Component can be used as your Connector, builder, and top coat in one! Once the nail has been properly prepped and cleansed, apply a thin, brush-on layer of One Component as your base coat. Cure 90 seconds LED/2 minutes UV.


Can I sculpt extensions with One Component? We don't recommend sculpting extensions with One Component. It was formulated to be a quick solution for fills or overlays.

Why is it curing dull or patchy? This typically means it has been undercured. Make sure it's cured for a full 90-second LED before trying to wipe away the inhibition layer with Prep & Clean.