• CND Radical Solarnail Sculpting Liquid 32oz

CND Radical Solarnail Sculpting Liquid 32oz

Radical SolarNail Sculpting Liquid is specifically formulated to create tough, crack-resistant enhancements.
It is designed to be used with CND Retention+ powders or CND Perfect Color powders.

It is meant to be used on clients with enhancements that are prone to cracking or chipping.


  1. Prep the natural nails
  2. Apply NailPrime, if desired
  3. Sculpt the nail (working in 3 zones) using a mix ratio of 1.5 parts liquid to 1 part powder
  4. Shape and refine using files and buffers.


Bottles of CND Radical SolarNail Sculpting Liquid can be kept at room temperature, preferably out of direct sunlight.