• Cabine Exclusive Hydra + Cleansing Milk 500ml - IBD Boutique
  • Cabine Exclusive Hydra + Cleansing Milk 500ml - IBD Boutique

Cabine Exclusive Hydra + Cleansing Milk 500ml

This gentle paraben free cleanser that is made of apple pulp extract, pectin and lemon honey as well as jojoba spheres is suitable for all skin types.

Beauty Benefits

Paraben Free

With hydraporine ™ Complex, which helps maintain a perfectly balanced hydration level, the Hydra+ Cleansing milk removes makeup and impurities effectively as well as providing optimum comfort. The skin becomes soft, supple and incredibly bright.

Suitable for: This gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types

Format: 500 ml

Active Ingredients

Apple pulp extract

Contains malic acid, true water sensor in the skin and maintain the skin's equilibrium. Apple pectins form a protective film on the surface of the skin.

Properties of apple pulp extract: moisturizes, strengthens and increases skin resistance.

Pectin and lemon honey

Protects skin cells from climatic variations and pollution. Acts as true water tanks in the skin.

Properties of the pectin and lemon honey: anti-radical, hydration sensor.

Jojoba spheres

Smooth and homogeneous jojoba spheres that roll gently on the skin, taking away dead cells and impurities.

Property of jojoba spheres: gentle exfoliant


  • After removing makeup on eyes and mouth, draw a sufficient amount of milk in order to gently cleansing the face and neck.
  • Moisten hands perform light and circular maneuvers bottom-up from the neck to the front
  • Rinse using sponges or cotton pad. If necessary, repeat this step.

Complete the cleansing with the application of the Quenching Perfecting Lotion to complete the removal of the milk.