• Cabine Exclusive Peel Off Mask 50gr

Cabine Exclusive Peel Off Mask 50gr

The originality of the peel-off comes from its elastic texture which offers a unique feeling of comfort: a natural fresh effect and a tightening effect combine to create a treatment that improves the diffusion of the active ingredients of the cream or serum previously applied. It is during the application that this new formula reveals its pure transparency. The skin is as if exposed by this amazing second skin effect. Its texture, which is remarkably stretchy and soft, makes it easy to apply and remove in one piece. During mixing, it is the sugar grains that can be heard cracking under the spatula to blend into an amazingly fresh treatment. Glucose hydrates* the skin by maintaining the hydrolipidic surface film, the skin has a silky touch after application.

Ingredients / Composition


Moisturizes* and softens the skin.


Quickly pour the 40 ml of water at 20°C over the 50 g of powder in a flexible mixing bowl. Mix vigorously with a spatula until a smooth and creamy paste is obtained. Apply immediately to the face, avoiding the eye area. The product takes about 6 minutes to set. 

Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes. Remove it in one piece from bottom to top.

Suggestions / Precautions

Roll the edges of the mask to facilitate its removal and avoid the particles.

Finish the removal of the mask with the Eco Lotion.

Do not breathe dust. Avoid the eye area.


*Keep away from sources of heat
*Of the upper layers of the epidermis


50 g bag
For 1 treatment

Galenic texture

Raw sugar appearance that transforms into a translucent smooth paste when in contact with water

Galenic colour


Skin type

All skin types