• Epillyss Zestasol Wax Cleaner 4L ESFNET1272-2

Epillyss Zestasol Wax Cleaner 4L ESFNET1272-2

Zestasol Wax Cleaner 100% Natural  

Zestasol is the best depilatory wax remover on the market. Formulated with natural, biodegradable, non-caustic, non-ammoniac, and non-phosphate properties, this product cleans and removes wax residue while being eco-friendly and safe for the user. It is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as floors, vinyl, metal, and melamine and for waxing instruments such as non-porous spatulas, wax heaters, slip-covers, uniforms and towels.
  • Harmless to equipment, environment, and human health
  • Efficient - a small quantity is sufficient to remove wax
  • Rapidly dissolves and cleans wax
  • Pleasant, natural citrus fruit scent