• Épillyss Lukewarm Wax Azulene 20oz ELB1021

Épillyss Lukewarm Wax Azulene 20oz ELB1021


Traditional wax

It is the second creation of the line, the goal being to soften depilatory treatments. It is a traditional wax also made for over thirty years with the original honey recipe to which we added an azulene extract. Azulene is known for its anti‑inflammatory, soothing, and appeasing properties. It is heated in the microwave oven. (be careful to follow the instructions)

Features and Benefits:

Ready in 2 minutes
Highly recommended for hypersensitive skin subject to allergies
Azulene is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent with healing and antiphlogistic properties
Azulen is highly efficient for various skin inflammations and for eczema and psoriasis in particular

Hair Recommendation: All
Types of Skin: All Sensitive
Wax Colour: Apple green
Texture: Liquid
Ingredients: Natural Pine Resin, Natural Beeswax, Liquid Paraffin
Essential Oils: Citronella
Microwaves: Yes
Melting Temperature: 37ºC – 99ºF