• En Vogue Simply Fibre Gel 15ml 40212
  • En Vogue Simply Fibre Gel 15ml 40212
  • En Vogue Simply Fibre Gel 15ml 40212

En Vogue Simply Fibre Gel 15ml 40212


Simply Fibre Gel is a very low-viscosity self-leveling hard gel. It contains micro-fibres that provide extra strength while maintaining flexibility, making it the perfect protective layer for long-lasting gel manicures.

Features & Benefits:

Contains micro-fibres that work to form an extra-protective, yet flexible coating. A perfect addition to gel polish manicures to provide extra strength, durability, and structure. Not only that, but it provides a non-soak-off coating to protect the natural nail when removing the gel polish each time.

- Non-porous, Odour-Free, Solvent-Free, HEMA, HEA, HPMA monomer-free, Canadian Made.

How To Use:

To be applied on top of Connect or I'm A Base. Apply as many layers as needed for desired structure/strength. Fully cure each layer for 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. Can be lightly filed or buffed before colour application.


Does it soak off? No, Connect is a hard gel base that doesn't soak off.

Can I use it with products other than the CBS line? Yes, Connect can be used for any of our other Simply or Premium gels. If using Fibre Gel as part of your lac it! gel polish manicure, Connect can be used as the base coat if desired.

How much product should I apply? Connect should be applied relatively thin, like a polish application. 

Is it the same thing as Connector? Think of Connect like the new and improved Connector! They can be used interchangeably, the biggest difference being that the Connector is in a pot and requires an external brush for application.

General Simply System Use:

  1. Begin with a properly prepped and cleansed nail. [If using tips or forms, now would be the time to apply.]
  2. [Optional Step] For extra adhesion, apply a thin layer of Super Bond to the nail and let air dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply a thin layer of CBS Connect and cure for 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV.
  4. With your favourite gel brush, place a bead of Medium Build in the centre of the nail and gently guide it into shape. Remember with self-leveling gels, you want to use product to move product. Cure for 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. Apply a second layer as needed.
    [We recommend using Medium Build for overlays or for short-medium salon-length extensions. For longer extensions, Sculpt Build is recommended, and for fills/rebalances we recommend Smooth Self Level.]
  5. Wipe the dispersion layer with Prep & Clean and a No Lint Wipe and file/buff into shape as needed.
  6. Apply two coats of your favourite colour or for a natural finish, go ahead and apply your favourite top coat. Cure fully.
    7. Cleanse with Prep & Clean (if needed) and finish with Renew & Repair Cuticle Oil.