• CREDO Profi Corn Cutter

CREDO Profi Corn Cutter


Credo Profi Corn Cutter

The CREDO Profi Corn Cutter is unique due to its functionality and elegance. Made of non-rusting stainless steel, thousands of professional podiatrists daily use it. The hollow-handle is manufactured following the skills and tradition of prestigious silverware production by pouring a mixture of cement and lead. This combination is heated up and builds together with the inserted holder a unit for eternity. Due to the precise quantity of its components, the CREDO Profi corn cutter is well balanced and gives a safe feeling whilst working with it. The only use of the CREDO Profi corn cutter in a longitudinal sense. Every single box is provided with a clip-on rasp to plane the heels after the treatment. This clip-on-rasp can easily be clicked onto the holder. We recommend using this CREDO Profi Corn Cutter together with the silver boxed CREDO Profi Blades. Diabetics and bleeder should consult their doctors before first use. Packed in a single box. Made in Solingen, Germany.