Silhouet Tone Nevada Premium Table 1CM 110/220V 412734

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With a new Polylac finish for its frame, available in a variety of three colors, the NEVADA PREMIUM is perfect for facial or body care treatments, hair removal, massaging and more. Sturdy, this table is highly stable, resting on four columns, one on each side The NEVADA PREMIUM features a crossbar for safety allowing to go up and down by using a foot pedal that keeps the therapist hands free, preserving the contact with the client during the treatment. The Nevada Premium provides a storage space for your supplies and may be ordered with a drawer or two. It also offers a great storage area for your towel warmer.


• Bluetooth wireless remote control for easy and accurate positioning
• Structurally reinforced backrest with 70° tilt
• 14-gauge steel base offering unshakable stability
• Adjustable height via an electric motor: min. 63.5 cm (25 in) max. 94 cm (37 in)
• Adjustable legs for uneven floors
• Storage space
• Adjustable rounded cushion to optimize the technician’s movements
• Thickness of cushion padding 8.9 cm (3.5 in) with a thin layer of memory foam
• Four quiet TÜV or UL® certified motorsL worldwide renowned certifications
• This exceptionally sturdy table is very reliable thanks to its mechanical design
• High-end finish of Polylac

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    Treatment Type

    • Massages
    • Facials
    • Body treatment


    • Anatomical headrest (412655)
    • Universal double-articulating crescent shaped headrest (412659)
    • Flexible arm (1) (414288)
    • Self-locking casters (412276)
    • Arm cradle (412285)
    • Foot extender (414228)
    • Left or right drawer (412758)
    • Heated cushion (1) (414250)

    Leatherette, woods & melamine

    • Luxurious Legacy leatherette upholstery that is fire-resistant, antibacterial and easy to maintain
    • Owing to its density and resilience, this chair is comfortable and always returns to its original shape
    • Foam padding contains no CFCS, no insecticides and no formaldehyde
    • Offered in several colors

    Technical Information

    Length: 72.9” (185.1 cm) no headrest
    Width: 31” (79.7 cm)
    Height: 24.25” (61.6 cm) to 35.25” (90.81 cm)
    Reclining backrest: from 0 to 70º
    Cushion padding: 3.5” (8.9 cm)
    Weight: 345 lbs (157 kg)
    Lift capacity: 600 lb (272 kg)