• Pumice Block 2 Sided

Pumice Block 2 Sided


Pumice Stone for Mani & Pedi:

  • The foot stone conforms to ergonomic design, perfect size, suitable for palm size, easy to use.
  • Professional Foot Pumice Stone: Remove calluses and dead skin, make feet and heels and hands and elbows soft and healthy.
  • Nail Tool Foot Scrubber Care: This foot pumice stone has a wide range of application, suitable for anyone who has dead or hard skin. Pedicure pumice stone is the perfect gift for your loved ones. It’s the most natural method of softening rough skin.
  • Application: Foot care, a safe way to soften dead skin on the feet and keep the feet soft and clean. It can be used in spas and beauty salons, and all professional foot care settings.
  • Callus Remover: Used for dry, callused and cracked heels to remove hard calluses on the feet. The foot pumice is an excellent callus remover and foot exfoliator and will leave you with soft, beautiful-looking skin.