• Cabine Exclusive Fig Milk Serum 30ml 377139

Cabine Exclusive Fig Milk Serum 30ml 377139



With its highly concentrated formula, Fig Milk Serum deeply nourishes the skin. Its milk provides softness and comfort. Better hydrated*, the skin regains its suppleness and elasticity.

Ingredients / Composition


The fig tree is a tree native to the Mediterranean Basin. The presence of enzymes gives the fig anti-inflammatory and softening properties.

Regenerating and nourishing, fig milk preserves and stimulates the skin. Very rich in sugars, fig softens the skin.

It helps to limit water loss.

How to use

On cleansed skin, take 1 whole pipette for the face and neck.

1 additional pipette for the neckline. Rub the serum in, applying pressure and smoothing from the center of the face outwards until it is completely absorbed. Then apply the cosmetic product of your choice depending on the step of care.

Suggestions / Precautions

  •           Either pure
  •           Either mixed with other serums
  •           Either mixed with massage creams, masks, or creams

Avoid the eye area.
*Keep away from sources of heat
*Of the upper layers of the epidermis


30 ml dropper bottle
For approximately 10 treatments

Galenic texture


Galenic color


Skin type