• NSI Rubber Base Clear 15ml 6944-12

NSI Rubber Base Clear 15ml 6944-12


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NSI Rubber Base Clear is a crystal clear gel great for natural overlay nails and building strength. A building gel like no other. You can extend and strengthen the natural nail, and create gel nails with the ease of applying gel polish. Once you finish applying the rubber base, you have the perfect base for your nail art creations. Paint it with Polish Pro for a polished look or use 3D embellishments to wow your clients. The Possibilities Are Endless.


  • VISCOSITY: Medium/Thick
  • SKILL LEVEL: Ideal for all levels.
  • USAGE: Can be used for easy building of the nail, or for a slight apex for some added durability. Because of the added strength, builder gels are ideal to be used for natural nails, tips and overlays, or sculpting and can be soaked off.


Designed to easily build and sculpt beautiful natural-looking nails with the strength of a hard gel, but ease of gel polish. Rubber Base Clear is perfect for short tip extensions, overlay nails,  and Short sculpted extensions.


Rubber Base is easy to learn and easy to teach to use. Just apply like a gel polish, cure, and it’s that easy to have beautiful gel nail enhancements. Instructions:





Q: Can I use Glaze ‘n Go LED over the Rubber Base for my top coat?
A: Absolutely! Glaze ‘n Go LED is the perfect way to finish your Rubber Base mani service.

Q: How is it removed?
A: There is a process to safely remove our gel system. Our Rubber Base is much easier to remove than other gel products.

There are two methods. The first is by placing the tips of the fingers in a bowl of Soothing Soak Off Remover and allow time to soak off. The second is by filing with an Endurance File until the nail is free from the product.

Q: Which lamp do I use?
A: We always recommend using a quality full-hand lamp such as our Dual Cure LED/UV lamp. Rubber Base will cure in 60 Seconds in any full-hand LED lamp or for 2 minutes in any UV Lamp.