• NSI Esential Bond Enhancer 15ml 0910-12

NSI Esential Bond Enhancer 15ml 0910-12


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For clients that experience lifting, we have developed Essential Bond Enhancer, a nail pH balancer. Essential Bond not only dehydrates, but also balance the pH levels of the nail plate! Bond Enhancer is not a nail primer, it works by balancing the pH level of the nails’ surface to promote adhesion. Bond Enhancer nail plate pH balancer is an added step that adds extra adhesion, and can be used under any salon service, even lacquer! Essential Bond Enhancer should be applied as an extra step after natural nail prep and before the application of primer, to dehydrate and balance the pH of the natural nail. This will help to maximize product adhesion.

  • Designed not only to dehydrate but to balance the pH of the nail plate
  • Can be used under any Nail Service
  • Contains Vitamins C&E
  • Used during prep to maximize the adhesion of any salon nail service
  • Non-Yellowing Formula: The product will not Yellow or discolour nail enhancements or nail tips
  • Low Odor: Essential Bond Enhancer is a low-odor product great for salon and spa environments

Products Essential Bond Enhancer Works With:

  • Attraction Acrylic System
  • Balance UV Gel System
  • Balance UV/LED Gel System
  • Secrets Nail Art System
  • Simplicité PolyDip System
  • Rubber Base Gel System
  • Polish Pro Gel Polish System


    Natural Nail Prep

    1. Spray your and your client’s hands with Purify and gently massage. Push back cuticle and gently remove the shine with a Endurance 180/180 Grit Buffer. Using a Nail Wipe saturated with Nailpure Plus, press and rub into the natural nails.
    2. Apply Essential Bond to the natural nail. Remove the brush from the bottle and wipe along the edge of the bottle, then brush onto two natural nails. Re-dip the brush and repeat the process until the nails are coated. Allow to dry for one minute. They will not appear chalky white.
    3. If your client has had prior nail enhancements and has experienced lifting problems, it is recommended to first apply Essential Bond Enhancer to the natural nail after the use of Nailpure Plus, then continue with the next step.
    4. Apply an even layer of Essential Base Coat,  this thin layer will ensure that proper bonding and adhesion will occur for the subsequent layers. Cure in Dual Cure Lamp, LED for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes.


    Q: Can I use Bond Enhance before a Natural Nail service?
    A: Yes, Bond Enhancer can be used before any natural nail base coat, acrylic nail service, gel nail service, tip application or gel polish.