• Cabine Exclusive Gentle Foaming Gel 500ml 377104

Cabine Exclusive Gentle Foaming Gel 500ml 377104


This Gentle Gel with creamy foam and a fresh and invigorating fragrance removes all traces of makeup, cleanses the face, and gently removes impurities while respecting the epidermis. Perfectly clean, the skin “Breathes” and the pores are cleaned, leaving the complexion looking radiant and refreshed. Without soap.

Ingredients / Composition


With vitamins P and C, the orange extract stimulates the skin’s natural defenses.


Rich in carbohydrates and mucilage, marshmallow root is highly nourishing and hydrating. This perennial plant contains properties that hydrate* and soften sensitive, easily irritated, or dehydrated skin. 


This tropical plant with long thick leaves contains a high content of vitamins A, B, C, and E, minerals, enzymes, and essential amino acids. It is known for its highly nourishing skin properties. 

How to use

Moisten the hands, face, and neck, and apply a hazelnut size amount of product on the tip of the fingers, onto the face, neck, and décolleté.

Lather on the face with circular ascending motions.

Rinse thoroughly with clear water to reveal purified and fresh skin. 

Suggestions / Precautions

The Foaming Gel can be transformed and densified by using a foamer or by adding Oligo Lotion. Do not store the leftover mixture. Suitable for use with rotating brushes and for cleaning the back.

Avoid contact with the eye area.

*Keep away from sources of heat
*Of the upper layers of the epidermis


500 ml
For approximately 100 treatments

Galenic texture

Non-greasy gel

Galenic color


Skin type

All skin types