• B Selfie Angel Miccelar Water Face Cleansing

B Selfie Angel Miccelar Water Face Cleansing


B Selfie Angel Miccelar Water Face Cleansing

Product Details


Our unique face cleaning product, formulated by the very best cosmetic scientists, removes makeup, cleanses, protects, and completely freshens up your face in just one wash.

B-SELFIE Angel Micellar water might look like your run-of-the-mill face toner or makeup remover. Still, its delicate cleansing ability combined with a revitalizing and refreshing effect blows other toners out of the water. One trial is all you need to know your delicate face deserves more!

It's the perfect daily face toner. Soak up a cotton pad with it and wipe all the stress, dirt, grime, and makeup of the day off.

B-SELFIE Angel does not contain petrolatum, does not stick, and does not require rinsing. It is highly effective on waterproof makeup like mascara and lipstick - yet so gentle and nourishing on your skin!


Thanks to the combination of floral extracts such as witch hazel, Damascus rosebuds and helichrysum, your skin is deeply cleansed and protected thanks to its antioxidant action.

Procedures :

1- Apply B-Selfie Angel on a tampon and remove any impurities from the face.

 Pro tips :

1- Apply B-Selfie Angel in good quantity on the face so that it is very wet.

2- Use the B-BOX Ultra-Derma device in cleansing and exfoliation mode (Cleansing / Peeling) all over the face.

3- Rinse the face with a towel and cool water.

4- Apply Eyes Serum, Lips Serum and Miracle Cream.


The mixture of healing flower extracts such as hamamelis virginiana, damask rosebuds, and helichrysum promises a strong protective, antioxidant, and soothing action, making your skin naturally soft, toned, and radiant.

And finally, our blend of sugars and wetting substances is formulated to protect and rebalance the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

Your skin is delicate. With every germ and dirt coming in contact with your skin, you NEED the revitalizing and refreshing effect of the B-SELFIE Angel to purify your skin, leaving it radiant and smooth.