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Essential Seal is an ultra shiny LED and UV curable gel top coat. Seal works over your favorite NSI products! Seal brushes on smooth like a polish to protect, encapsulate, and Seal the nail with a radiant high gloss finish.

  • LED/ UV curable Top Coat with a superior high-gloss shine
  • Brushes on smooth, like polish, for a radiant high gloss finish
  • Works Over Gel Polish, Dip Systems, Hard Gel Systems, and Acrylic systems
  • Flexible, yet durable
  • Odorless
  • Contains Vitamins C&E
  • Cures in any Full Hand LED & UV Lamp – Eliminating Long Dry Times – Try The New Dual Cure Lamp!

Products Essential Seal Works With:

  • Attraction Acrylic System
  • Rubber Base
  • Builder In A Bottle
  • Balance Gel System
  • Polish Pro Gel Polish System
  • Secrets Removable System
  • Simplicité PolyDip System


  1. Apply a layer of Essential Seal, sealing and capping the edges. Cure in the Dual Cure Lamp for 30 seconds in LED or for 2 minutes in UV. Remove the tacky layer with a Nail Wipe saturated with Cleanse.
  2. Condition the cuticle with a drop of Nurture Oil.


Q: How is it removed?
A: It can be removed with the same method you would remove the nail system you are wearing it with, there is no special removal technique.

Q: Which lamp do I use?
A: Seal will cure in 30 Seconds in any full hand LED lamp, or for 1 minutes in any UV Lamp. The Dual Cure Lamp is guaranteed to work with Seal!