• Micropore Tape 1in x 10yd
  • Micropore Tape 1in x 10yd

Micropore Tape 1in x 10yd


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This 3M Tape is surgical quality and designed for professional use. A non-woven, adhesive roll tape can be used in conjunction with the eye gel patches for taping some of the lower lashes that were not covered with the patches and/or taping the upper lid.  Even though this tape is gentle and easily removed, it is not intended to be used in place of Eye Gel Patches.

3M Micropore Medical Tapes 

  • Latex free
  • Material: Paper
  • Roll Colour: White
  • Hypoallergenic paper tapes that are gentle to the skin yet adhere well and leave a minimal adhesive residue upon removal.
  • An economical, general-purpose, breathable surgical tape. 

Note:  Use caution when removing and remember to always remove in a downward, rolling motion to prevent pulling at the lower lashes.