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LCN 7 in 1 Wonder Nail Recovery 8ml


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The innovative Mulitfunktionslack class combines 7 properties in a paint: Base Coat / Top Coat / Wet Look / Quick Dry / Super Hardener / Ridgefiller / Whitener. Especially with sensitive, thin and brittle nails z. B. by removing a Nagelmodellage strengthened the LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery the nail plate and compensates for uneven. The nail shines, it will be strengthened and lightened by whitening function. Also ideal as a base coat to avoid yellow discoloration of colored paints on the nail and to ensure a longer shelf life. The groove-filling function of the paint makes for a well-proportioned nail structure. For the perfect wet look finish, the super fast-drying paint can also be used as a top coat sealer.