Kiara Sky Sanding Band 3.1MM Coarse Black 50ct


Introducing Kiara Sky’s revolutionary Small Sanding Bands - the first sanding bands of their kind, designed to work seamlessly with our brand-new 3.1mm Small Mandrel Drill Bit. These sanding bands cater to clients with smaller nail plates and provide optimal finesse when preparing the underside of gel extensions or working on petite nails. The Kiara Sky Small Sanding Bands come in three variations - fine, medium, and coarse. Our Fine Grit Small Sanding Bands are excellent for gently removing shine from the natural nail and prepping smaller nail plates for dip powder, acrylic, gel, or Gelly Tips application. Safe to use on natural nails, these sanding bands maintain the same high quality and efficiency as our regular-sized bands, designed to improve speed, quality, and precision in your nail work.