• JB Lash Melt Away Gel Remover 20ml
  • JB Lash Melt Away Gel Remover 20ml
  • JB Lash Melt Away Gel Remover 20ml

JB Lash Melt Away Gel Remover 20ml



A fast drying, long retention adhesive for Mega Volume lashes.

The perfect adhesive for lash stylists that are looking for that extra bond life power. Our Power Volume Adhesive is recommended for those who want instant cling, work at lightening fast speed, and want to reduce application time. This will be the next cult-hero. Made with an ultra-thin consistency that works best for Mega Volume + Volume lashes.


  • Size: 5ml
  • Dry time: 0.5 seconds 
  • Bond: 7 weeks 
  • Humidity: All 
  • Viscosity: Thin 
  • Color: Black 
  • Flexibility: High 
  • Climate: Dry 
  • Temperature: 68-72 F 
  • Application: Volume & Mega Volume 
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Store in cool dry place with silica gel packet for best quality. Each bottle comes with a complimentary silica gel packet to absorb excess moisture and keep adhesive fresh. 
    • Shake for 2 minutes prior to dispensing a drop.
    • If adhesive becomes clogged, use provided adhesive pin.
    • Adhesive can be used up to 2 months once opened and can be stored unopened for up to 6 months.
    Pro Tips
    • Clean the adhesive nozzle thoroughly after each use with a lint-free wipe and acetone or alcohol to avoid excess build up or clogging. 
    • Dispense a new adhesive drop every 10-15 minutes, depending on humidity, for optimal performance.

    Ingredient List

    Ethyl 2 Cyanoacrylate, Alkox 2 Cyanoacrylate, Poly Alkyl Methacrylate, Pigment