• INM Spring Fever Acrylic Powder Rose Petals 0.5oz S239442

INM Spring Fever Acrylic Powder Rose Petals 0.5oz S239442


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INM Spring Fever Coloured Acrylic Collection

0.5gms EACH

POWDER PAINTS from INM were designed by professional nail technicians who know what your clients are looking for. POWDER PAINTS will enable you to produce firm applications in colours that don't separate, making designing easier on both artificially enhanced and natural nails. They can be used to create intricate 3D designs or cover the entire nail in vibrant acrylic colour!

Colours from the Spring Fever will allow to create beautiful feminine nail designs. These powders are based with white acrylic powder for a look that isn't transparent. Can be used with any monomer.

Colors: Cotton Sheets (white), Rose Petals (light pink), Hoola Hoops (medium pink), Strawberry Shortcake (dark pink), Peachsicle (light peach), Sweet Dandelion (light yellow), April Showers (light blue), Blue Skies (medium blue), Denim Shorts (dark blue), Honey Dew (light green), Lime Aid (medium green), and Lilac Clouds (light purple).