• En Vogue UV Sealer 15ml 50401

En Vogue UV Sealer 15ml 50401


Sealer is our original and most crystal clear UV Sealer. It's a thin viscosity top coat used to finish your service with a high gloss shine.

Features & Benefits:

  • Acrylic-like strength with greater flexibility
  • Allows for growth and flexing of natural nails underneath
  • Reduces lifting caused by non-flexible products
  • Can be applied to all 5 nails at once without worrying about the product running into cuticles or side walls

How To Use:

The sealer is a UV-only gel top coat. Apply a thin layer all over your finished nail and cure for 120 seconds in a UV or UV/LED lamp. Cleanse with Prep & Clean and finish with Renew & Repair Cuticle Oil.


My lamp is UV/LED - will that work? Yes, as long as the lamp has UV capability it will cure Sealer no problem.

How is Sealer different from your other hard gel top coats? Sealer is our only gel top coat in a pot, which gives some nail techs the feeling of more product control. While it is a traditional, tacky top coat like Super Shine, it is a thinner formula. It is also our most durable top coat. Can I use Sealer on top of lac it!? We would recommend sticking with I'm A No-Wipe, or Shine or Super Shine for non-porous options. Why is sealer is curing patchy? This is likely because there was either oil left on the surface before application or Prep & Clean was not fully dry.