• En Vogue Simply Super Bond 15ml 40211

En Vogue Simply Super Bond 15ml 40211

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Think of Super Bond as your "insurance" layer. Super Bond is a non-acid air-dry bonding agent that acts like double-sided sticky tape, creating a super bond between the keratin in the natural nail plate & the gel layer on top.

Features & Benefits:

Non-acid, Safe to use, Quick air dry, Maximizes adhesion and reduces the risk of lifting, Can be used under any of our products and systems

*A great addition for oily nails/lifting-prone clients

How To Use:

Once the nail has been properly prepped and cleansed, apply a thin layer of Super Bond and let air dry for 30 seconds before applying your base coat. *Super Bond does not replace your base coat, it's simply an extra step to promote additional adhesion.


Does it have to be cured in a UV/LED lamp? No, Super Bond is a fast air-dry only product!

Can I use this instead of my base coat? Super Bond does not replace the need for a base coat (Connect or Connector). It can be used before any base coat for any system.

How do I know when it's dry? It only needs 20-30 seconds to fully dry, but you'll know the nail is ready when it changes from looking "shiny wet" to a sticky sheen.