• en Vogue Oval Gel Brush 99003

en Vogue Oval Gel Brush 99003

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The Oval Gel Brush has a comfortable, hourglass handle and a brush head that can be brought to a taper or flattened out into an oval. A versatile brush is great for smile lines, sculpting, or nail art.


  • Made with a high-grade, long-lasting synthetic fibre, natural hair fibres have a tendency to curl and break down in gel over time.
  • Specifically designed to withstand the use of gel products and provide long-lasting performance.
  • With proper care, can last you for years.
  • Synthetic fibre brushes are also easier to clean and maintain than natural hair brushes.
  • More ethical and sustainable choice than using animal hair brushes.


The better you take care of your brushes, the longer they will last you.

To condition a new brush, lay a thin viscosity gel on a palette or form backing and run the brush through it back and forth until it starts to loosen up and is fully saturated with the product. Remove excess product with a DRY lint-free wipe before storing it somewhere away from direct sunlight or dust.

To clean your brushes, avoid using Prep & Clean or alcohol as they can dry out your bristles over time, making your brushes unruly and difficult to work with. Instead, work the bristles through a thin clear gel (I'm A Matte is a great option) until all of the unwanted colour/product comes out and when you wipe your brush (with a dry lint-free wipe) the wipe comes away clean.


My new brush is really stiff - is that normal? Yes! All new brushes will seem stiff at first and just need to be conditioned. Work the brush through a thin viscosity clear gel, brushing back and forth until the bristles have softened and you can use the brush with ease.

I accidentally cured gel in my brush - can I clean it? Unfortunately no, once the product has been cured in a brush it's difficult to remove it completely without damaging your brush. When using gel brushes, ensure that you leave the covers on whenever possible, store them away from direct sunlight, and never lay them directly in front of your LED/UV lamps when curing.