• En Vogue Cool Pink Modeling Resin 15ml 20402

En Vogue Cool Pink Modeling Resin 15ml 20402


Our Premium Modeling Resins are what started it all! It's a non-self-leveling, high viscosity formula designed to provide superior strength with the added benefit of flexibility. It was designed to sculpt any length, any shape, without risk of running into the sidewalls while you work.

Features & Benefits:

  • The product is strong like acrylic, providing durability and long-lasting results, but is much more flexible than acrylics, allowing it to grow and flex with the natural nail underneath.
  • This flexibility reduces the risk of lifting caused by non-flexible products, which can be a common issue with other nail systems. The flexibility also means that it can be more comfortable for the wearer, as it moves with the natural nail rather than feeling stiff or rigid.
  • The product allows for completing all 5 nails at once without worrying about the product running into the cuticle or side walls, saving time and making the application process more efficient.
  • The product is easy to work with, allowing for precision and control during application.

How To Use:

Premium Modeling Resin is great for tips, forms, overlays, or fills! Modeling Resin must be used on top of Connect or Connector. To create an extension with Modeling Resin, apply a bead of product on top of the nail form and guide it into the length and shape you're looking for. Remember, product moves product - use the product to move product! You can repeat this process across all nails before fully curing 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. Modeling Resin can also be used to build structures. Simply place a bead of product in the center of the nail and guide into your desired shape. You can repeat this process across all nails before fully curing 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. Cleanse the nail with Prep & Clean and finish file to refine your shape as needed. Finish off with any colour or top coat of your choice.


How are the Modeling Resins different from Simply Sculpt Build? While both are non-self leveling gels, Sculpt Build has no flexibility. Premium Modeling Resin has all the strength, with the added benefit of flexibility.

I already have Connect - can I use that instead of Connector? What about I'm A Base? You can use Connect as your base coat with a Modeling Resin but we don't recommend I'm A Base.

Do I have to use the whole Premium line or can I just use Modeling Resin? The great thing about our unique polymer chemistry is that all of our hard gels can be used interchangeably. You can use Connect as your base coat, you can top off a Modeling Resin with a self leveling gel like Smooth Self Level to eliminate filing, or you can fill your Modeling Resin extension with CBS Build - the choice is yours!

What's the difference between the Modeling Resins, Extender Resins, and Ice Gels? 
The only difference is colour! Our Premium Modeling Resin formula is available in 14 colors in total!