• En Vogue Connector 15ml 10400
  • En Vogue Connector 15ml 10400

En Vogue Connector 15ml 10400


A UV/LED hard-gel base coat that acts like double-sided sticky tape, creating a bond between the natural nail and the nail enhancement.

Features & Benefits:

  • Acrylic-like strength with greater flexibility
  • Allows for growth and flexing of natural nails underneath
  • Reduces lifting caused by non-flexible products
  • Can be applied to all 5 nails at once without worrying about product running into cuticle or side walls

How To Use:

Must be applied very thin to a prepped and cleansed natural nail. The connector should be "scrubbed" into the nail plate (instead of being brushed on like a polish) to reveal a "sheen" on the surface of the nail, (vs a smooth shine). Cure 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV.


I used Connector and cured the whole time, but my product lifted/popped off. Why? Chances are you applied your Connector too thick. It must be applied very thin and scrubbed into the nail plate.

Is this the same as Connect? Both can be used interchangeably, with the biggest difference being Connect comes in a brush-on application and can be applied more like a regular polish, whereas Connector comes in a pot and must be scrubbed in with a gel brush.