• En Vogue C.B.S Paint On White 15ml 40300

En Vogue C.B.S Paint On White 15ml 40300


CBS Paint On White is a highly pigmented bright white hard gel.

Features & Benefits:

Highly pigmented for a one-coat application. Non-porous for stain-free wear. Brush-on application makes it quick and easy to create beautiful smile lines.

How To Use:

CBS Paint on White is designed to be used in a thin, brush-on application for bright white, long-lasting French manicures. It can be applied straight out of the bottle on top of your builder gel to paint a beautiful smile line. Remember to keep your application thin. Cure 90 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. Finish with your favourite hard gel top coat.


Can I build with it? No, Paint On White is designed to be applied in a thin layer for color, not strength.

Why is it coming out wrinkly? Because of its high pigmentation, Paint On White must be applied very thin and fully cured for 90 seconds in an LED lamp, and potentially longer in a weaker lamp.