• En Vogue C.B.S Connect 15ml 40215
  • En Vogue C.B.S Connect 15ml 40215

En Vogue C.B.S Connect 15ml 40215

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Part of our CBS Builder in a Bottle system, Connect is a hard-gel base coat that acts like double-sided sticky tape between the natural nail and the nail enhancement.

Features & Benefits:

  • The product is now available in a 100ml refill size for backbar stock, making it more convenient for professionals to use.
  • The product features a quick and easy brush-on application method, making it easy to use for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • The product is versatile and can be used with any of the other hard gel systems offered by the brand.
  • The product is non-porous, meaning it doesn't have any small holes or openings that can allow bacteria or other substances to penetrate.
  • The product is HEMA, HEA, and HPMA monomer-free, which makes it a safer and more environmentally friendly option.
  • The product is solvent-free and is Canadian-made, ensuring high quality and safety standards.

How To Use:

After the nail has been prepped and cleansed, Connect can be applied straight out of the bottle like a polish. Cure fully 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. Connect can be used as the base for any of our hard gels, including Fibre Gel.


Does it soak off? No, Connect is a hard gel base that doesn't soak off.

Can I use it with products other than the CBS line? Yes, Connect can be used for any of our other Simply or Premium gels. If using Fibre Gel as part of your lac it! gel polish manicure, Connect can be used as the base coat if desired.

How much product should I apply? Connect should be applied relatively thin, like a polish application.