• En Vogue C.B.S Build Blush 15ml 40217
  • En Vogue C.B.S Build Blush 15ml 40217

En Vogue C.B.S Build Blush 15ml 40217


CBS Build is a self leveling hard gel in a convenient brush-on application. A strong yet flexible formula for building durable nails of any length.

Features & Benefits:

The built-in brush makes for a quick and easy application. It has a medium viscosity, providing self-leveling properties that facilitate a smooth, even surface, while still providing time to work. Can be used in combination with any of our hard gels, making it a great product for fast fills. It's a flexible formula, yet strong enough to build any shape, any length. Available in 5 colors for endless possibilities.

How To Use:

CBS Build can be applied on top of the natural nail, tip, or form to provide strength structure, and/or length. To be applied after a layer of Connect, simply roll a bead of product off of the brush and onto the nail or form and guide into place. For an additional self-leveling boost, apply an uncured slip layer first, and work the bead of product into that, allowing it to self-level into the slip layer. Cure fully 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. File or buff into shape as needed and finish with any color or top coat of your choice.


Does it soak off? No, CBS is a hard gel system that allows it to be used in many applications, from natural nail overlays & structured gel manis to long sculpted extensions.

Do I have to finish-file? You do not! If you've mastered your application, all you need is a light buff to remove the shine and you can apply your colour or top coat right away.