• Credo Stone Pedicure Monoblock Blue Retail

Credo Stone Pedicure Monoblock Blue Retail


Pedicure stone Credo Solingen is ideal for home care of the skin of your feet. It is suitable for removing rough calloused skin and calluses. Leaves skin smooth and soft. 

It is antibacterial and non-irritating.

The stone is made of quartz sand, which is environmentally friendly and therefore very durable and completely free of microplastics.

  • on calloused skin and calluses
  • for beautiful smooth legs
  •  without microplastics
  • dermatologically tested
  • do not use the pedicure stone on wounds or inflamed areas of the skin
  • diabetics and people with circulatory disorders should consult a doctor for the use

The pedicure stone is a classic in foot care, it removes even firm calluses and gently removes them.

The inorganic cellular structure of the stone is absolutely hygienic, free of germs and odors, and guarantees safe use without risk of injury.

Good for your feet and a real contribution to protecting the environment:

Our CREDO pedicure stone is completely free of microplastics.

Made in Germany.