• Credo Profi Corner Nippers 13cm Slim Edge Stainless

Credo Profi Corner Nippers 13cm Slim Edge Stainless


CREDO Profi-Line corner nippers

The ideal tool for professional treatment of ingrown toenails:

  • The CREDO Profi-Line corner nippers made of stainless steel easily and carefully cut a straight nail edge that makes it difficult for the nail to curl.
  • Thanks to the pointed inlet and the extra ground-in shape, the nippers can specifically reach even the smallest and hard-to-reach nail spots.
  • The cutting edges of the corner nippers are "box-joint", which ensures even pressure during use.
  • The corner nippers are available in 10 cm, 11.5 cm and 13 cm lengths and can be used by left-handers and right-handers alike.
  • The pliers are available with a classic cutting edge, ground-in, extra ground-in and rounded and as such can also be used for diabetics.

Due to their delicate shape, ground-in and extra ground-in nippers should not be used for shortening the nail edge, but only for cutting out ingrown toenails.