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CND Shellac Top Coat 15ml SHETOP15


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Strong & durable
Fabulous gloss finish
Cures in 2 minutes with a UV lamp
7.3ml & 15ml

A top coat specifically designed for use with the CND Shellac brand 14+ day nail color system. Provides a superior protective top layer for the CND Shellac color coat to the natural nails. Creates a hard, scratch-resistant shine and finish. The final step is sealing and protecting the CND Shellac for long and radiant wear.

Experience the superior (and only) chip-free manicure technology with six coveted patents.* The 3-Free Formula is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). CND® SHELLAC® layers beautifully to create multiple looks to suit your clients' personal styles.

The revolutionary CND® SHELLAC® brand is designed to work as a 4-part system to deliver superior 14+ day nail color.


A UV-cured top coat featuring UV3 technology designed specifically for use with the Shellac UV Color Coat System:
- On like polish
- Wears like gel
- Off in minutes


• Provides a hard, scratch-resistant, mirror
finish to nails.
• Provides the final step to the Shellac
system to seal and protect.


• Provides a revolutionary new, hybrid color service for nails.
• Provides 14-day wear.

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