• CND Retention plus Sculpting Powder Clear .8oz

CND Retention plus Sculpting Powder Clear .8oz

Clear acrylic sculpting powder to use with Retention+ sculpting liquid. Rention+ CND powders offer superior adherence and color stability. It provides strength and durability for the most extreme nail sculpting. With CDN Retention+ Liquid, microscopic air bubbles disappear for superior luminosity and an ultra-smooth finish.


  • Prep the natural nails
  • Apply Primer if desired
  • Sculpt the nail (working in 3 zones) using a mix ratio of 1,5 parts liquid to 1 part powder
  • Shape and refine using files and buffers
  • Apply a top coat of your choice


CND Retention+ powder jars can be kept at room temperature, preferably out of direct sunlight.