• CND Perfect Color Powders Warm Pink Opaque 3.7ml

CND Perfect Color Powders Warm Pink Opaque 3.7ml

Warm pink colored sculpting powder to use with CND Retention+ liquid or CND Radical SolarNail liquid.

With its creamy, light workability, CND Perfect color powders help create strong, durable enhancements with a scratch-resistant, high-shine finish.


  • Prep the natural nails
  • Apply NailPrime, if desired
  • Sculpt the nail (working in 3 zones) using a mix ratio of 1.5 parts liquid to 1 part powder
  • Shape and refine using files and buffers

Why chose Perfect Color CND powders?

  • Creamy, light workability
  • Strong, durable enhancements


CND Perfect Color powders can be kept at room temperature, preferably out of direct sunlight. They must be kept away from heat and open flame.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use in a well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children. Stop use in case of irritation. If swallowed, contact immediately a physician or a poison control center.