• Cirepil Sugar Paste Strong 1Kg

Cirepil Sugar Paste Strong 1Kg


Description :

Product advantages:

100% natural and vegan sugar paste

Allows a 4-in-1 hair removal treatment:

  • Exfoliation using sugar crystals
  • Application method based on massage
  • Gentle hair removal by uprooting the fibre
  • Hydration +30% moisturizing with the properties of sugar
  • A more comfortable, effective and expert process.
  • Ultra-soft finish for the skin
  • Protects the most heat-sensitive skin because it is applied at room temperature.
  • Texture that adapts to suit your hand
  • Tested under medical control


  • Soft and clear skin
  • All types of hair, all areas
  • Rinses with water
  • +30% hydration

Texture: Soft texture, which is ideal for the hands or temperate environments

Specific training is required to be able to offer this service.


Take off the plastic ring and remove the lid.
Place the jar in a wax heater set to 100°f/120°f (40°c/50°c) until the paste is soft and workable. Be careful not to overheat, very hot sugar is scorching and can burn the skin. You can also place the jar in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds if you are in a hurry.
Use nitrile gloves to make the sugar easier to apply and to ensure that the process is hygienic. Take a small sugar paste and form it into a ball in your hand.
Begin the hair removal process.
Once the area is free of hair, discard the gloves. Take a new pair of gloves and a new ball of sugar paste for each area.
After use, close the jar and store it in a cool, dry place until the next time you need it.
Contraindication:do not use it on damaged skin.