• Butterfly Faux-Mink Lashes (B 0.07/14)

Butterfly Faux-Mink Lashes (B 0.07/14)



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12 strips of faux-mink lashes per tray, available in lengths 8-15mm, Thicknesses 0.15, B, C, or D curl.

Faux-mink lashes are just beautiful.. These lashes are lush, soft and lightweight. They are made to resemble real mink lashes.  Lashes come individually placed for you on a removable strip

Tips on how to apply faux-mink lashes: Take 1/8th of a strip and cut it. Place that 1/8th on the front of the tray or the back of your hand. Pick up one lash at a time by placing your tweezers 3/4 from the tip and tilt forward and down. You can then proceed with your normal application.

These faux-mink lashes look gorgeous by themselves, mixed with other faux-mink lash curls and/or L, B, C and D synthetic lashes.