• Arnaf Gold Embroidered Scissors 4inc

Arnaf Gold Embroidered Scissors 4inc


Arnaf Gold Embroidered Scissors 4inc 

By virtue of having the best workmanship, quality control, and with the most prompt and accurate service, Arnaf Inc. has been recognized by the beauty industry for its premium line of shears and implements.

We continue our tradition of artisanship and craftsmanship alongside modern technologies and materials. Each item is made with hot-drop forged stainless steel.

  • Key grinding and polishing operations are still performed by hand to ensure flawless appearance and sharp cutting edge.
  • The balance, tension, and final adjustments are also done by hand.
  • To maximize the durability of our products we use modern technology for the process called tempering, which ensures the hardness of each item.
  • Each Arnaf product must meet our strict guidelines for performance and quality.

By the time our shears and implements leave our factory, they are put through more than sixty different processes by our own craftsmen.

To sum it all we can proudly say that the hands of Arnaf's craftsmen work hard for the comfort of your hands.