• PODOEXPERT BY ALLPREMED Shoe & Foot Deodorant Spray 100ml

PODOEXPERT BY ALLPREMED Shoe & Foot Deodorant Spray 100ml


Podoexpert by Allpremed® shoe and foot deodorant spray 100ml

Sanitizing and freshening spray for both shoes and feet


  • Scientifically-developed formulation targets bacteria and fungus that cause odours
  • Vigorously sanitizes and freshens both feet and shoes in a single, economic formula
  • Revitalizing scent and pleasant cooling action 

Additional Details:

  • Effectively eliminates unpleasant and troublesome odours with a long-lasting effect and fosters a hygienic environment for the feet and shoes
  • Helps prevent bacterial growth and fungal infection
  • For the care of sweaty feet
  • Enriched with tea tree oil and menthol for deep sanitizing and cooling actions
  • Great for athletes and shoes with poor ventilation
  • Will not harm leather and canvas 

Goodbye unpleasant shoe and foot odours!

Available in 100ml spray


Spray onto feet and into shoes as needed, especially right after removal of footwear.

Shake the can well before use and HOLD UPRIGHT when applying (DON’T TILT THE CAN!) For external use only.