• NSI Odorless Nail Liquid 60ml 7402-12

NSI Odorless Nail Liquid 60ml 7402-12

Attraction Odorless Nail Liquid is our odour-free nail monomer with the advanced technology and workability you expect from the Attraction line.

Attraction Odorless Nail Liquid is a superior odorless sculpting monomer that delivers beautiful long-lasting enhancements without the scent of traditional EMA liquids. Create a more pleasant salon and spa environment with the  Odorless Nail Liquid. This Odor-free, cross-linking monomer creates the tough, yet thin nail enhancements you are looking to create without the odour. Creating nail enhancements with an Odorless Nail Liquid is often part of being a board-certified nail technician. For the best results, use Attraction Nail Powders. It is the perfect enhancement addition for spas, salons and schools.

  • Non-yellowing formula uses a UV Shield to block out UV exposure to retain colour clarity and keep enhancements looking new
  • Attraction Odorless Nail Liquid has a higher molecular weight, which makes it heavier and thicker.
  • Never crystallizes, therefore reducing time even in the most frigid regions
  • Using Odorless Monomer Liquid requires a drier mix ratio than traditional monomers.
  • Does not contain MMA, which has been restricted for use in the nail industry
  • For the best results, use NSI Nail Powders.
  • Use NSI Dappen Dish to reduce product evaporation
      1. dnakalin  

        Haven’t tried it yet but if it’s like the rest of their products I know I won’t be disappointed!!

      2. megan vo  

        Smell reduced odour. I don’t know if it works. But too expensive not a good price for business b/c that it is not 1 gallon

      3. Monica Nunez  

        It’s a great product, the smell is not as strong as the regular monomer and works just as great. I love it!!

      4. rangel.estela2  

        I love this product there’s no smell to it works perfectly and fine. Easy to work with. Gone keep on ordering this product.

      5. rangel.estela2  

        I love the product there’s no smell to it. It works perfectly fine it has a ment smell and doesn’t stink your house up. I will recommend this product to anybody who does nails.☺️

      6. nailsbyceeree  

        Many products claim to be low or no odour and end up smelling almost as bad as regular monomers. This product works. Although there is a slight odour and slower curing time than the regular monomer, it doesn’t smell up in my house or salon and cures quicker than any other odourless monomer I’ve tried. I wish it came larger.




      Q: What is the set time of Spa Nail Liquid?
      A: Approximately 1 minute to surface set when you hear a click

      Q: Can I use other companies’ powders with Spa Nail Liquid?
      A: It is always best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for optimum results. LIQUID is a complex mixture of monomers, cross-linkers, stabilizers, catalysts, and other additives. POWDER is a polymer, copolymer, and tripolymer that contains the initiator, colourants, and other additives. ACCELERATORS, INITIATORS, CATALYSTS, and ENERGY are needed by all artificial nail enhancement products. If one is missing or compounded improperly, chemical reactions will happen much more slowly or not at all.

      Q: Which NSI powders can I use with Spa Nail Liquid?
      A: For optimum results, Attraction Nail Powders are recommended for use with Spa Nail Liquid

      Q: What mix-ratio is optimal for the Spa Nail Liquid?
      A: Spa Nail Liquid requires a medium dry mix ratio; of approximately 1 to 1.

      Q: Are there any special application techniques I should know about when using Spa Nail Liquid?
      A: After product application is complete, allow the nails to surface set for approximately one minute until you hear a dull “click”. The surface should feel slightly tacky. Saturate a Nail Wipe with Acetone. Press the wipe to the nail and hold for approximately 30 seconds. This will eliminate “roll off”. Use a clean unused Nail Wipe saturated with Acetone for every 2 – 3 nails.


      Download the document: Spa Nail Liquid